Meet the Staff!

Mrs Moran -Head of English

Favourite film: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Hobbies: horseriding and dressage

Greatest Achievement:Becoming a mum

Mrs Benzies

Mrs Benzies

Currently listening to:City Lounge

Hobbies :Travel,Walking,Painting

Pet Hates: Liars

Mrs McKeown

Hobbies: Make-up, cooking and being bossy.

Favourite food: Rare fillet steak

Person you most admire: My Mother in law

Mrs McKeown

Mr Garlington

Mr Garlington

Currently listening to: The Kaiser Chiefs

Hobbies:Historical research, writing a novel

Favourite food: Chicken

Mrs Forbes

Favourite poem: Porphyria's Lover - Browning

Hobbies: Travel, Power walking and reading

Greatest achievement:Having four children

Mrs Forbes

Mr Riding

Hobbies: Football, running, musical theatre

Favourite food: anything Italian

Pet Hate: MSN messenger

Mrs Savage - Senco

Favourite music: female solo singers

Hobbies:reading, swimming and singing

Ambition: to go to Australia

Mrs Walton

Currently listening to: The Killers

Ambition: To have a book published

Hobbies: Jewellery making, running


      Mrs Moir

      Favourite book:


      Pet Hate: