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Mrs P Dunn - Assistant Headteacher

Enrichment Day  7th & 8th April 2011

Mrs K Elliott - Work Related Learning & Enterprise Co-ordinator






Enrichment Day – Easter 2011

All pupils were involved in an off-timetable day, embarking on a range of activities to develop their transferable skills. 

Year 10 pupils took part in an enterprise task called “Selling the School”.  Pupils were split into groups using a range of media to promote the school to year 6 pupils and parents.  Leaflets, drama productions, podcasts and multimedia presentations were judged by each form.  The winning presentation went forward to the grand final on the following day, judged by a panel of external guests from industry.  Mrs Daire’s form were the overall winners with a poster and presentation.   These resources can then be used in our local primary schools.

In year 11, pupils were engaged in a range of revision skill tasks to support them through the challenging weeks prior to their final GCSE examinations.  Included in these activities was an enterprise and motivation session run by Martyn Wilcox of Cellnet.  The school regularly invites professionals from industry and the Services to attend our enrichment days. This helps provide pupils with a well rounded and diverse range of opportunities to learn life skills, in order to prepare them for life after school.

Mrs Elliott


 Miss K Ormrod - Citizenship Co-ordinator